Education in the Age of COVID-19

I understand the large hearts of heroes,

The courage of present times and all times

– Walt Whitman

There are a few choice words that describe the current situation we all find ourselves in. Unprecedented comes to mind, as does frustrating, concerning and confining. However, where there is disruption there is also opportunity. Opportunity to find comfort and solidarity as a learning community. Opportunity to reflect and assess. Opportunity for calm and contemplation. Crises often bring out the best in people; in times like these we look to each other for strength.

What has unfolded in the education community is nothing short of astounding. As schools shut down volunteers did not hesitate to organize and provide free meals for the students who needed them most. When the demand for remote learning resources developed, the open sharing and consolidation of those resources knew no bounds. Everywhere one saw selflessness and bravery. It came in every form: from parents taking on the responsibilities demanded by homeschooling to teachers sharing tips on hosting virtual classrooms. Such a staggering level of unity makes us proud to be a part of such a vibrant community and we are honored to have served it for almost 40 years.

In that time, we’ve been instrumental in improving learning outcomes by getting technology into student hands. No one does that better than MicroK12, and we refuse to let today’s challenges stop us from achieving tomorrow’s goals. This crisis is a chance for us as a national community to come together and give our kids a brighter future.

A growing list of resources and devices to navigate the changes brought about by COVID-19 is on our remote learning tools and resources page. Feel free to reach out to us by phone: (800)-658-1000 or email: if you have any questions. We wish you all well and hope you see these circumstances not as trying times, but rather an opportunity for growth.   

Stream with a Purpose

Klik Featured Image

Never look back on the traditional style of streaming. Beginning now you’ll be able to do everything remotely without any wires getting in the way.

KLIK, a wireless display company out of Bellevue Washington, has developed solutions specifically to power wireless classrooms and support those in need of eliminating cables and navigating between presentations.

Whether you’re in the market for a new streaming tool or find it’s time to make the switch, look no further than KLIK.

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Hottest Cloud Security Solutions in Education Technology

Cloud Security Featured Image

When it comes to network security nowadays, we instantly think of the almighty “cloud” keeping us safe from online threats.

In part, this has been a primary focus for a handful of industries, education included, that want to minimize their amount of internal data.

This is significant for the education sector, especially when it comes to student’s safety.

Companies are working around the clock to create seamless experiences for end users to ensure that their data and online threats stay away from their devices and network.

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Defying the Odd’s of Interactive Panels

Newline Featured Image

Teaching a classroom full of active minds has never been easier.

Where the end goal of educators is to ensure results, they turn directly to technology that helps lead the way.

Advancements within technology have made been to ensure students are engaged throughout every hour of the school day while being able to enter a world of creative learning far beyond traditional learning styles.

Newline Interactive, a display panel manufacturer out of Plano, TX has paved the way for educators to fuel collaboration and keep students on track all through intuitive software, interactive innovations, and next level user experiences.

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Transform Your Classroom’s Whiteboard

Take Collaboration to the next level, with Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreens. An interactive display company based out of the UK has now expanded their distribution to North America, upper left to be specific. Educators have the opportunity to enhance their digital classrooms and fully immerse themselves into an all-in-one solution.

Clevertouch offers an array of touchscreens fully integrated with easy-to-use LUX software and technology simple to us across all grade levels.

Whether you’re in the market for finding a budget conscious, user friendly, interactive digital tool within the classroom, or need to upgrade the chalkboard to something a little fancier, look no further than Clevertouch.

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Google Creative Apps for Education – Why these apps will transform the classroom.

Google Creative Apps Blog Header

Google for Education provides an assortment of fun and interactive applications for all students alike, where discovering new ways to interact with technology is the forefront of building. The best part of these applications is they can be downloaded from virtually anywhere, as long as you have a Chromebook and trusted network (Wi-Fi or cellular).

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Enter into the World of Immersive Learning

Promethean Blog Header

How can Promethean enhance classroom engagement?

Promethean offers a wide range of interactive panels allowing students and teachers to communicate simply and effectively. With over fifteen touch points, Promethean’s panels differentiate themselves from the average ten touch point displays, making it easier for larger groups of students to interact and engage. Continue reading “Enter into the World of Immersive Learning”