Hottest Cloud Security Solutions in Education Technology

When it comes to network security nowadays, we instantly think of the almighty “cloud” keeping us safe from online threats.

In part, this has been a primary focus for a handful of industries, education included, that want to minimize their amount of internal data.

This is significant for the education sector, especially when it comes to student’s safety.

Companies are working around the clock to create seamless experiences for end users to ensure that their data and online threats stay away from their devices and network.

MicroK12 has recently partnered with two cloud-based security solutions passionate for student safety and ensuring school districts have little to no set up on their end.

Introducing Securly, a Student Safety Company out of Silicon Valley providing online protection to students whether they are at school or at home.

Securly sets themselves apart by offering solutions that require just 5 minutes of set-up across an entire school district and complete monitoring done outside of school to allow less work for the schools before an emergency escalates.

If you are looking for a hardware free solution, then look no further than Filter by Securly.

Filter deploys in minutes, works across multiple devices, and notifies you of self-harm before its too late.

If a student’s security is threatened, schools will be notified immediately before any harm is done.

24/7 around the clock safety

Powered by AI engine scans, Google, Bing, and Youtube searches are continuously monitored along with e-mail and social posts.

A group of trained Securly analysts are working around the clock to identify emergency situations and minimize the potential for false alarms.

Choose Securly as your school’s cloud-based solution that requires zero hardware.

In search of a simple solution for your institution’s infrastructure?

Nutanix is here to help with an enterprise cloud platform built to withstand extensive workloads all backed with a “simple scale-out architecture.”

Nutanix’s cloud architecture performs as a powerhouse across all systems, allowing for an unlimited number of users and lightning fast upload speeds.

Run multiple applications without the worry of device speeds slowing down.

  • Nutanix provides a single infrastructure eliminating the need to rely on several resources to ensure fast connectivity.
  • Their single infrastructure saves time and money “with affordable integrated data protection and disaster recovery” and lower costs with operational expenses cut in half.

Tackle your networking needs with our Pro Services Team

At MicroK12 we believe the most effective way of providing technical support is by offering solutions catered towards your educational needs.

We offer solutions utilizing industry leading technologies like Securly and Nutanix to ensure a superior end-user experience.

Our Pro Services team delivers high performance switching, remote support, network monitoring, and more!

Check out our website to learn more and begin re-vamping your networking services today!